North Woods Community Church

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." -Jesus

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Church (that's us!) clean up

No, no, no...we're not cleaning ourselves (though that'd be beneficial). We're going to the building the body of believers (AKA "church") meet in to clean it up. We make the mess, we clean it up!

Eph. 4 speaks of doing work that actually ends up edifying ourselves even though we're serving others. Christianity is so counter-cultural that some times it goes against what you think it goes against!

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to Mar 21

Youth Group Sleep Over

We don't study all of the time. Some times we have a "sleep" over, except it's probably better to call it an "eat junk food all night, talking our heads off, hanging out by a camp fire, slack off and do nothing but hang out" over (if that makes sense). 

So this Friday the 20th of March bring your tooth brush, tooth paste, empty stomach, Bible, and a good attitude. Oh, and don't forget your sleeping bag...not that you'll use it.

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